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Umbrella Insurance in Nebraska

Umbrella insurance may not seem necessary but realize that accidents do happen every day. When an accident occurs that affects your home or automobile, the policies that you have to cover them have limits. When an accident does occur, and you are found to be liable, those policies will go into effect to protect you financially but what happens when that policy cannot cover all of the medical and legal expenses? You will be held financially responsible for the additional costs. Umbrella insurance provides the additional coverage for expenses that your home or auto policy doesn’t cover. At the Richards Insurance Agency in Nebraska, we work with residents to get them the coverage they need. In the Lincoln NE area, we’re the experts in insurance coverage. We’ll take time to explain your coverage options and answer all of your questions.

Umbrella insurance plays an important role in protecting you financially. Consider if you are found liable for an accident that happens to someone on your property. They will have the right to sue you for medical and legal costs. If their expenses are $500,000 and your homeowner’s policy can only cover $250,000, the balance will be your responsibility. However, an umbrella policy will go into effect when the homeowner’s policy limit is reached to cover the additional expenses. It’s easy to see how the umbrella policy can financially protect you at a critical time. These types of policies also provide additional coverage in situations not covered by other policies such as in libel/slander and invasion of privacy cases.

In the Lincoln, NE area, our team at Richards Insurance Agency are ready to help you understand your policy options. They will also take time to get to know you so that they can get you the coverage you need. In Nebraska, you have insurance choices. Visit the website, then call or come in for a quote. Get the coverage you need today!

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